A service offering expert coaching and analysis, using a systematic and scientifically-backed approach aimed to help players learn, develop and accurately execute safer and more effective tackling techniques

Fundamental Concept

► REMOVING HEAD CONTACT by using shoulder tackling ◄

Scientifically proven to reduce G-force to the head by 3 fold!*

*Marshall University, School of Kinesiology Study

Our Vision

To educate a new age of smarter tackling that will enable players to play for longer whilst improving playing performance

Core Values
  • Player Welfare
  • Performance
  • Enjoyment

The TackleSmart


(Just like Football!)

Each quarter will focus on a different fundamental aspect of tackling:

1st Quarter:   PRIMING – Working on the physical aspects needed to tackle including power, agility and stability.

2nd Quarter:   TRACKING – The tackle approach focuses on spatial awareness, footwork and timing

3rd Quarter:  TACKLE TECHNIQUE – Breaking down the various components of the tackle collision itself

4th Quarter:   TACKLE APPLICATION – Putting it all together into decision making and game-based scenarios.


  • Expert coaching with over 30 years of experience
  • Classes max 12 per coach for greater one to one feedback
  • Simplified cues for clarity and faster learning.
  • Latest equipment for safely improving technique
  • Technology for real time feedback*
  • Simple strengthening exercises scientifically proven to reduce concussions
  • No need for protective gear
  • Fun sessions with games and competitions throughout

*For smaller class sizes