Proof it Works

After implementing rugby style tackling programs, several NFL, College D1 and High School State Champion teams have seen significant improvements in defensive performance and reduction in concussion rates:

New Age of Tackling

  • With rule changes to date and further ones expected, TackleSmart will help you get a head start
  • Texas high school coaches have already signed an agreement that they must be certified in these safer tackling techniques so what you are learning now will ultimately prepare you for further down the line
  • A progression from USA Football’s ‘Heads Up’ tackling
  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wants all of its teams to use shoulder tackling

Start Them Young

  • Motor coordination is best developed between the ages of 7-14, with the most critical period existing between the ages 10-13 (Drabik, 1982)
  • Children form perceptions of confidence in motor skill proficiency at a very early age, indicating a need for children to be exposed to opportunities for developing physical skill competency at early ages (LeGear, 2012)

Expert Coaching

Opportunity to learn innovative techniques from an ex-professional with over 30 years of experience in this methodology.
(Over 350 Games —> Over 2500 tackles —> Zero Concussions)

Program designed with expert knowledge and input from various College D1 and Pro level defensive footballers with a fun environment to learn and improve