Q: How is TackleSmart Different to what has already been done before?

A: Similar techniques were successfully pioneered by the Seattle Seahawks in 2013 with many more teams following suit. TackleSmart has further innovated this concept with new ideas and coaching methods that will be taught hands on by somebody who has used them for over 30 years.

Q: What makes this tackling technique safer?

A:By using the shoulder, it minimizes any head contact, therefore protecting from the risk of impacts and potential injuries.

Q: Will this type of tackling be less effective?

A: No. It still allows for the big hits, just with the shoulder. It is a common misconception that rugby tackles allow for the ball carrier to gain too much yardage. In most cases, rugby players are taught to make “offensive tackles” and knock the opponent backwards.

Q: Is there any background in football knowledge to this program?

A: Although Roger’s playing background was in rugby, he has always been an avid follower and admirer of football. Input from several defensive footballers, coaches and experts has gone into the session content.

Q: What if my team doesn’t use these techniques?

A: Continuing rule changes are aimed at eliminating head contact in the sport. Texas school coaches have already signed an agreement that they must be certified in these safe tackling techniques from middle school onwards.

Q: What is your style of coaching?

A: A blended approach. With our core values at mind, although we ultimately want you to learn and become a safer tackler, we also want it to be a fun learning environment. Considerable thought is given to the time ratio between coaching (both verbally and visually) to the number of practiced reps for enhanced learning.

Q: How long will a training session last?

A: We keep most sessions to 1 hour long so that learning is not compromised with fatigue and concentration.

Q: What equipment will I need?

A: There is no need to bring pads or helmets. Cleats optional.