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Since moving to Texas, Roger (CEO and founder), became increasingly concerned with the thought of his own son one day playing football. A big admission from someone who played contact sports professionally for 15 years. He soon realized he wasn’t the only parent with concerns. Becoming aware of the fact that participation levels had been on the decline at youth level in recent times, he wanted to dig a bit deeper as to why that really was. It will be of no great surprise to know that the overwhelming response was ‘concussion’. Research shows the tackler receives the overwhelming majority of concussions in football, so further exploration was needed as to why this was. How were these kids being taught to tackle? How were older players being taught? Who was teaching this to them? Why were they teaching them this way? There were a million questions.

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Working a brief spell at Michael Johnson Performance in McKinney provided the opportunity to meet and get to know various football players from middle school all the way to the NFL, and speak to them about the issues surrounding concussion. Along with this Roger discussed the concerns with as many former players and parents of players as possible. There is no doubt that great steps have been taken with new initiatives being introduced from rule changes to educational coaching programs, however the conclusion was that there is still a huge amount that could be done.

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TackleSmart originated from the need to create a safer emphasis around tackling.

This has already been recognized in the state that football reigns king, where just recently the Texas High School Coaches Association (THSCA) and the University Interscholastic League (UIL) made it mandatory to have all high school and middle school coaches throughout the state certified in new safer techniques that are very similar to the rugby style of tackling. With TackleSmart however, you would be learning from somebody who has been using these techniques for over 30 years. Techniques that when repeated over and over will become second nature on game day. We not only address the tackle itself, but combine it with the sport’s scientific knowledge to improve athleticism needed to make up all the components of an effective tackle that will ultimately help make America’s great sport both safer and more enjoyable at all levels!