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How many tackle drills should I practise as a coach?

Introduction How much tackling practise is appropriate for young athletes has become a hot topic in the world of youth contact football. While the increased focus on contact has raised concerns about the risk of injuries, mastering the art of tackling is fundamental to the game. Striking a balance between safety and skill development is […]

The Ultimate Guide to Youth Football in North Dallas

The thing with ultimate guides to anything is that they give a ton of information. That is exactly what this Ultimate Guide to Youth Football in North Dallas will do. While this will look at Plano and specifically Plano youth football, this is a guide from which you can take information, even if you are […]

Specialized coaching for high school football players

High School Football Player Coaching

We put a lot of focus on youth tackle football coaching here at Tackle Smart. We have written many articles on how to begin your kid’s football journey, ensure they are working at an age/talent-appropriate level, and what to do if your child gets a concussion. These are all necessary initial steps regarding your child […]

How to teach my child how to tackle?

Tackling can be scary. It can be scary for the child attempting the tackle, and it can be scary for the parent in the stand watching their kid throw their body in the way of a player considerably bigger than them and running at full speed. Here at Tackle Smart, we understand that natural fear […]

Choosing a Football Camp or Clinic this Summer

Summer is a time for camps of all kinds. From church camp to space camp to boot camp, there is always something going on to throw your kid into. Football camps and clinics are always popular. Any chance for your kid to refine their skills out of season and return in the fall as a […]

First year of tackle football – The essential guide

The first year of tackle football can be daunting. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. This guide will step you through everything that you – and your child – need to know to make that first year of tackle football fun, easy, and painless. Whether they are stepping up from flag football (recommended) […]

How much tackle practice should I be doing as a coach?

One of the hot topic questions when it comes to youth tackle football is how much tackle practice kids should be doing. We see news stories and research that an increase in tackle sessions – and an increase in contact – is what leads to concussion and traumatic brain injury. However, without the right football […]

Is Tackle Football Dangerous for Kids?

Parents looking to put their kids into tackle football often question the dangerous nature of the sport. While any collision/contact sport will have some unavoidable element of risk by its very nature, is it fair that tackle football has been pushed into a position where tackle football coaches constantly have to defend the safety of […]

Is My Child Ready for Tackle Football?

Knowing when your child is ready to play tackle football can be difficult. Many studies and ideas suggest that tackle football should start at a certain age, but if that doesn’t sound realistic to you, then you are certainly not alone. No parent wants to throw their child into tackle football too early without the […]

Which Is Better For Your Child: Tackle Or Flag Football?

You have many decisions to make when deciding to put your kid on a football team or in a football program. The first of those decisions is whether to put your child into tackle football or flag football (or both). It used to be that tackle football was the only real option for competitive play. […]