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How many tackle drills should I practise as a coach?

Introduction How much tackling practise is appropriate for young athletes has become a hot topic in the world of youth contact football. While the increased focus on contact has raised concerns about the risk of injuries, mastering the art of tackling is fundamental to the game. Striking a balance between safety and skill development is […]

Should I be Worried about Concussions in Football?

The hottest topic of debate around tackle football is head injuries and – specifically – concussions in football. It has reached the point where even the word concussion is enough to scare a parent towards flag football and away from tackle football. Football coaching has significantly changed to prevent head contact in practices, with physical […]

Can Courage Be Coached? 5 Useful Tips

Courage comes into play a lot when you are coaching or training for a sport. Is courage something that you can coached? Or is it simply something you’re either born with or not? Well for a short answer… Yes. Just like anything else, courage also can be coached. Courage is a very individual characteristic that […]