Athletes: We Should Support Concussion Research

Article by Michael Burke – Former professional rugby player Roger Wilson pledged his brain to the Concussion Legacy Foundation to support research on concussions and CTE. When Wilson heard about the VA-BU-CLF Brain Bank’s research on the relationship between sports and brain trauma, he didn’t hesitate to pledge. “More people should be aware that you can pledge to donate […]

Does the NFL concussion protocol really protect players?

How the NFL concussion protocol should work   Back in 2009, the NFL implemented the concussion protocol in response to concern over concussion statistics. They’ve also continued tweak the protocol in the decade since, to better protect players from harm. In 2016, for example, they added additional disciplinary measures for teams that don’t follow protocol. […]

What’s The Deal With The Inconsistency Of Officiating In The NFL?

football officials

Toward the beginning of last year, NFL owners voted to adopt several new rules to the league’s official rulebook. This included the now-somewhat-controversial helmet contact rule. Over the next few months, refs called penalties on players for violating those new rules. But they did so with such inconsistency that fans and the media alike grew […]

Tackle Football Before 14


Despite progressive advancements in football gear, upgraded helmets, and more awareness surrounding brain injuries, American tackle football is still a controversial subject. Brain injuries are incredibly serious and can have lifelong effects, so parents and health alliances are understandably concerned of the effects of tackling. The Physiology of a Child Under 14 Children, especially young […]