Tackle Football Before 14


Despite progressive advancements in football gear, upgraded helmets, and more awareness surrounding brain injuries, American tackle football is still a controversial subject. Brain injuries are incredibly serious and can have lifelong effects, so parents and health alliances are understandably concerned of the effects of tackling. The Physiology of a Child Under 14 Children, especially young […]

Does the NFL concussion protocol really protect players?

nfl concussion protocol

How the NFL concussion protocol should work Back in 2009, the NFL implemented the concussion protocol in response to concern over concussion statistics. They’ve also continued tweak the protocol in the decade since, to better protect players from harm. In 2016, for example, they added additional disciplinary measures for teams that don’t follow protocol. Head […]

How to Prevent Football Injuries / Do Helmets Really Prevent Football Injuries?

football injuries

In theory, helmets are the perfect solution to the growing head injury problem in football. After all, they’re perfectly designed to protect your head, allowing you to play better without worrying about the risk of concussions. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case—and it’s pretty well-documented. Here’s the truth about wearing helmets in football, and why […]

How we build confidence and skills through sports coaching progressions

sports coaching - tackle smart

Over the course of the past few years, we’ve seen some big changes in the world of sports. Now more than ever, coaches and trainers for contact sports like football are aware of the safety challenges involved. This is especially true for student athletes, who are just learning the mental and physical skills they’ll need […]

Why fear of concussions shouldn’t keep your kids out of sports

Concussion in Kids - Tackle Smart

When over 1,000 parents were polled about children’s athletics, 16% of them said that they refused to allow their kids to play sports due to worries over concussions. According to the study, a Harris Poll conducted on behalf of the American Osteopathic Association, a third of the remaining parents were on the fence, saying it […]

Training Athleticism v Practicing Skill

In my professional rugby career, there were almost always two schools of thought related to players. Those who believed that natural athleticism honed and channeled in the right way in training could be superseded by individual skills development in terms of time, effort and energy. Then there is the second, where athleticism and physical dominance […]

Can rugby shoulder football’s concussion issues?

Dr Bennet Omalu in the Film Concussion (2015): “All of these animals have shock absorbers built into their bodies. The woodpecker’s tongue extends through the back of the mouth out of the nostril, encircling the entire cranium. It is the anatomical equivalent of a safety belt for its brain. Human beings? Not a single piece of […]