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One of the best ways to teach kids is through example. Whether you want to impart manners, sportsmanship or respect, modeling those characteristics can have a much bigger impact than any words or attempted lessons. Kids follow in the examples of adults around them and imitate the behavior of adults that they respect and admire. This is especially true when it comes to sports icons and heroes, who have the power to capture the attention and admiration of millions of young athletes. Over the years, these heroes have played an important role in the lives of many young people and have helped shaped them on and off the field. Sports figures are an important part of athletics and a great way to set powerful examples for our children. As a result, make sure that you take some time to educate your kids about some of the greatest sports figures of all time.  

What Makes Sports Heroes

Sports heroes are more than just great athletes – after all, there are a lot of those. To be a true sports hero, an athlete has to not only win championships, dominate their sport and deliver clutch performances, but they also have to have a long-lasting effect on their sport and an impact on their community. For many, they have proven themselves as the greatest in their sport and have established themselves as extraordinary people by giving of their time, energy and resources to improve their community or the lives of others. These heroes are among the most iconic figures in the world, and they embody some of the greatest aspects of athletics – teamwork, sacrifice, commitment, sportsmanship, hard work – making them well worthy of the respect and admiration that they have earned.  

Some of the Greatest Heroes to Admire over the Years

Sports figures have long held a sacred position in our society. Nearly 100 years later, most all of us are still familiar with the key sports figures in the 1920s. After all, who can think of baseball greats without thinking of Babe Ruth, who many believed saved the sport. More than just being one of the greatest baseball players of all time, Ruth was charismatic, he overcame adversity to achieve unparalleled success and he regularly displayed a genuine love for baseball and for sharing it with others. Thankfully, it seems every decade has had its share of heroes – Stan Musial, Willie Mays and Gordie Howe were among the key sports figures in the 1950s, and the 80s boasted of Diego Maradona, Martina Navratilova and, of course, Michael Jordan. There is plenty of debate about who belongs on the all-time greatest sports figures list, but there is no debating the impact that these heroes can have on impressionable young athletes. True icons have achieved great things in their sports and have helped to use their success to improve their sport and their community. They represent some of the best parts of athletics and can help children develop into not only great athletes but also great people. So, in addition to helping your child develop skills and technique, make sure you’re also helping them develop an appreciation and awareness for some of the great sports heroes and the lasting impact that they have had.

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