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Celebrating One Year at Tackle Smart Sports

Celebrating One Year at Tackle Smart Sports

A year ago we founded Tackle Smart Sports to bring safer tackling techniques, that can be trained in a controlled environment, to the football playing capital of America. We strive to teach kids the techniques that will help them tackle safer as well as land more tackles to be more successful players. 

Watch this video to learn more about what we’re all about. 

What is Tackle Smart Sports all about?

Tackle Smart Sports was founded with an idea for all kids to be able to tackle safer and play contact sports they love even longer. The idea is that if we teach our kids how to tackle smarter, the techniques will become muscle memory. This will not only protect our players from concussions but it will also improve the entire team’s overall performance. 

Roger Wilson, the founder of Tackle Smart, was a professional rugby player for 15 years in Europe. He’s determined to take everything he learned from playing rugby and teach better and safer tackling methods to football players. 

After retiring from professional sports, Roger completed his Master’s in Sports Performance Sciences. It was after that, that he moved with his young family to Texas to launch Tackle Smart Sports. 

The science behind tackle smart comes from the same techniques that young kids playing rugby are taught. In rugby, you don’t have the luxury of a hard helmet as a safety net, so learning these techniques is vital. It’s so important to be extremely accurate in your techniques in order to protect your head during the game.

Our idea is:

‘Remove your head from the tackle. Instead, take the impact with your shoulder.’

You can see this technique in action in the video above. 

When you practice this over and over again, it creates muscle memory. This means in the game, you’ll lead with your shoulder on instinct. Instantly removing your head from any impact at all. 

The risks of contact sports, particularly when it comes to concussions, have been receiving much more media attention. Studies have been conducted showing the dangers and impacts that the tackler faces during the game. Roger has taken this as an opportunity to teach safer methods. So that these boys can keep playing the games they love. He’s been able to see the positive impact that team sports have on building character and believes that with the right techniques, these sports can also result in fewer injuries.  

Research shows that rugby-style tackling is safer and more effective. You can read a recent study done to show the effects of these tackling methods. Teams like the Seattle Seahawks, Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State and many more have been implementing these techniques in their own training programs over the past few years with extreme success. 

At Tackle Smart, we cater to all contact sports. From Lacrosse to Ice Hockey, we want to ensure that athletes are as prepared as possible for all collision situations. We strive to create a controlled environment where this can be practiced all year round. 

Learn more about Tackle Smart and the safer tackling techniques and find out how you can schedule a session with us HERE.


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