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Tackle football is a popular sport among children and adolescents to help teach them the fundamentals of this traditional sport. Many parents worry about the risk of concussions from this sport. But with just 3 to 5-percent of youth suffering from concussions, some believe that the frequency of such injuries has been overestimated and the […]

The Importance Of Sleep For Quality Sports Performance

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  Sleep plays an important role in your physical, mental and emotional health. While you’re sleeping, your brain and body are working hard to prepare you for the next day, to support healthy brain function and to maintain your physical health. Among its many benefits, good sleep improves learning, focus and decision-making. While sleep is […]

Can Your Child Play Sports With Asthma And Allergies?

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A question I get a lot from parents is: Can my child play sports with asthma? This concern usually peaks around this time of year as allergy season is upon us and can exacerbate asthma symptoms. It’s understandable that parents worry about their child’s health, but here’s the deal. The short answer…is yes. Your child […]

Tackling Concussion Head On – Former Ulster star trying to change American football

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Article by Michael Morrow, BBC Sport NI – Click here for original article The high school near Roger Wilson’s Texas home gives an indication of the strength of the USA’s love affair with American football. Its stadium boasts a capacity identical to the former Ulster player’s old stomping ground during his days as a professional […]

Athletes: We Should Support Concussion Research

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Article by Michael Burke – Former professional rugby player Roger Wilson pledged his brain to the Concussion Legacy Foundation to support research on concussions and CTE. When Wilson heard about the VA-BU-CLF Brain Bank’s research on the relationship between sports and brain trauma, he didn’t hesitate to pledge. “More people should be aware that you can pledge to donate […]

Former Ulster backrow moves to Dallas to tackle American Football’s biggest problem


Article by Jack O’Toole – After 14 years in professional rugby, Roger Wilson decided to pack up his bags and move his young family to Dallas, Texas. Wilson had spent four years in England with the Northampton Saints between 2008 and 2012 but this was a much bigger move to a much different place […]

TackleSmart | The Art of Living Beautifully

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Article by Lauren Palmer – November 7 2018 Today I would like to introduce you to a dynamic, necessary, and power house of a business, TackleSmart, owned by Irish transplant and former professional Rugby player Roger Wilson. With over 350 professional games under his belt, Roger retired last year as a player with the highest […]